Aerogard Gramping Ambassador, Chloe Maxwell Loves the Aussie Outdoors

Gramping is the name given to the emerging trend of camping with parents, kids and grandparents. It encourages families to come together throughout summer for a camping getaway where they can escape the distractions of day-to-day life. Gramping Season runs from October and continues throughout the summer until February.

“The bond between grandchild and grandparent is really special and activities like Gramping are essential to ensure we’re making time to keep this relationship alive,” says Chloe Maxwell, model, mum of two and national Gramping ambassador.

“I’m lucky that my children are really close to their grandparents. I wish Gramping was around when I was younger, I think it’s such a lovely way to spend quality time together. You’re out amongst nature and away from day-to-day distractions such as smart phones, tablets and video games. 

“For anyone considering going Gramping, let me say that kids will never remember their best day of TV, but they will remember the best day they had with their Nan,” she said.

In its second year already, more than 1,500 families across Australia have registered their own Grampouts taking place at campsites and in backyards across the country.

“We asked Australians what their main frustration was about camping, and the number one response was mosquitoes and insects (39%).  So, alongside your board games, food for the BBQ and sunscreen, we recommend Aussies stock up on plenty of Aerogard to keep the pests away.” said Rowena Newman, Aerogard spokesperson.

Another finding in the research which asked 1,000 Australians with children about their relationship with their grandparents, showed that Australians are nearly three times more likely to get life advice from Google rather than their grandparents (69% versus 25% respectively), showing an alarming state of family affairs. 

The survey also unveiled a growing concern about development of life skills with two in five (42%) Aussie parents believing their children are missing out on important life lessons by not spending enough time with their grandparents.

When asked what their grandparents teach their family members, the majority said family values (75%), followed by good manners (66%) and kindness (59%)ii.

A quarter (24%) of Australian children see their grandparents less than once a month, however 65% would like to see them at least weekly.

While one in ten believe they don’t have enough time to see their grandparents as much as they’d like, Australian children spend an average of 10.5 hours per week on a computer or tablet each week.

The survey comes thanks to Aerogard and Mortein.

Vacation Goddess Tip

When ‘Gramping’ in the Australian outdoors – Remember to enjoy the special times with this generational vacation time by taking loads of photo's and video's.

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