Save Our Skin

Leading skin care experts, Dermalogica outline some fantastic SOS (save our skin) tips!

SOS tip 1 | prep for success

Good preparation before take off is vital to skin health. This means, if possible, visiting a Skin Therapist for a Vitamin A and Lactic Acid exfoliation treatment in conjunction with infusing a hydrating serum and a moisture rich masque. Essential homecare means daily use of a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and specific eye and lip products. Why not try applying Skin Hydrating Booster each morning, a good spritz of your favourite toner then seal it all in with a moisture rich moisturiser. At night, prep and polish your skin with Daily Microfoliant® before applying a MultiVitamin Power Concentrate capsule, MultiVitamin Power Firm on your eye and lip area. In the week leading up to a long-haul flight, include a few deep exfoliation days using MultiVitamin ThermafoliantTM in your routine followed by MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque and Skin Hydrating Masque on and inside the orbital bone of the eye.

SOS tip 2 | onboard

On a short flight you can get away with wearing make-up but, on the longer trips your skin needs to be make-up free. If you like to wear your make-up until seated then a good cleansing option once seated is a travel-sized UltraCalmingTM Cleanser which you can tissue off and remove all traces of make-up without leaving the comfort of your seat. Now you have a clean skin on which you can build your layers of protection for the face and eye area: Layer one: Apply a hydrating toner, Multi-Active Toner, Antioxidant HydraMist or UltraCalmingTM Mist are all ideal for a pure hydration hit and to protect and reduce sensitivity. Follow with Skin Hydrating Booster (key ingredient is Hylouronic Acid which can hold 1,000 times it’s own weight in moisture.) Layer two: Spread an even layer of lipid-based MultiVitamin Power Concentrate. This concentrated dose of Vitamin A, C, and E will defend the skin against environmental stress. If you have a very dry skin or an impaired barrier function, spread a layer of Barrier Repair, designed to protect the skin from climate changes as well as prevent moisture loss.

The lips: Apply Climate Control or a reparative lip treatment every few hours, especially after eating or drinking.

The hands: It’s not only your facial skin that dries out like a raisin, so do your hands and nails. Apply and reapply MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment for vitamin therapy for your hands.

For the nails: Use some of the MultiVitamin Power Concentrate capsule you used for your face to protect the nails from splitting and lock in moisture.

SOS tip 3 | post flight

Even if you’re exhausted, try to pop on (even for 10 minutes) a MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque; the healing and soothing properties within this masque will help restore the skin. Once removed, apply Skin Hydrating Booster, a hydrating spritz, MultiVitamin Power Firm and your super-charged moisturiser.

Sydney International Airport Bonus!

If you are leaving from Sydney International airport Dermalogica have your pre-flight needs covered! Visit their hydration station in Terminal 2 and their expert Staff can provide you with all of your travel skin care needs. You can also try all the products and pick up some samples.

Finally to maintain a regular routine for your skin, Dermalogica offer skin kits that contain all of your favourite base skin care needs in travel-sizes designed for 4 – 6 weeks use.


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