Accommodation for Free…you’ll be spoilt for choice

With this great idea you can afford to take as many holidays as you want each year and, the accommodation won't cost you a cent! is Australia and New Zealand's largest house swap community and provides a service where members simply swap homes with each other and in doing so holiday free of charge in any one of thousands of travel destinations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Asia. Sometimes a car is even included.

House swapping is fast becoming a mainstream way to holiday and you can save thousands of dollars in accommodation costs alone.  With houseswapping you can really live like a locals and immerse yourself in the culture while staying in a real home – with all the comfort and convenience that brings.  Some members have swapped up to 20 times in a year.

The annual membership to join is negligible – under $80 a year – and just think of all the exciting things you can buy will the dollars saved.  Plus there is no limit to the number of house swaps you take each year.

Houseswapping could provide the perfect alternative to expensive hotel suite accommodation especially if travelling with children, a large familiy group or for retirees or if you wish to stay for extended lengths of time.

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