Lyn Tan, World Traveller and Public Engager

From the rough and raw to the lush and luxurious, it’s all about finding that fine balance as I don’t have one singled out favourite city, place or country above others. I have many.  All for different types of vacations and here are just some of them:

Urban adventure – Tokyo and New York City. I know these are a bit predictable, but those who’ve been and loved it will identify with me. While the Big Apple is at the top of my list for some of the world’s most exciting nightlife, dining, shopping and boutique hotels (yes, I’m a huge fan of boutique offerings as they provide a level of personalised touches that most big chains cannot), expectations are pretty much the same and met each time I visit. It’s comfortable and familiar. Tokyo, on the other hand and in my opinion, is a bit more unpredictable and is like a supercharged NYC with a cultural twist. To me, it’s super in every way – super clean, super cute (presentation), super efficient (transportation), super fast (service), super polite (people), super tasty (food), super organised (almost every interest has its own district!)… simply put, Tokyo is super cool. And the Japanese culture is deeply entwined in every aspect of the city – beliefs (check out the temples and shrines that dot all over the city), attitude, presentation, manners, etc.

Spectacular sceneries – Switzerland, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Italy, Vietnam, Jordan, Czech Republic, France, Scotland, Japan, Hungary, Austria, USA, Sweden, Reunion Island, The Netherlands, the list goes on and on and on. As cliché as it sounds, I find every country I’ve been to spectacular in its own special way. From dry and dusty desserts to lush verdant valleys and quaint charming towns, the most amazing thing is being there in the moment, taking in every inch of the scenery and appreciating the beauty that is before me.

R&R beach and spa getaways – Tahiti and Fiji. Nothing beats clear and calm turquoise waters and an abundance of healthy and thriving marine life all framed by bendy coconut trees when going for a relaxing beach break. Add to that spacious thatched over-water bungalow villas where turtles and fish swim freely in the waters beneath, sea and mountain views to die for and lots of privacy. Popular as honeymoon destinations, Tahiti and Fiji have perfected their hotel and resort offerings to provide guests all the privacy and quiet they seek. Also, these dreamy islands where every day feels like a Sunday, may not be known for their food, but their speciality raw fish dishes are seriously addictive! Equally addictive and oh-so necessary are the beach-side and outdoor massages.

Food, tradition and culture – Asia. From the north to the south, east to the west, I think Asia’s variety of ethnic groups have made the continent the most fascinating and diverse continent in the world. The food, languages, religion and art from each country offer travellers some of the most exciting experiences. I, for one, visit Asia frequently for its food, cultural experiences and art. I particularly love Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. Spicy, soupy, saucy or dry, food in these countries burst with exotic flavour that take me on a journey. Often, behind each dish is an interesting story that explains its creation and the local culture and beliefs, so don’t hesitate to ask locals about them. In terms of cultural experiences, I love vibrant religious festivals and celebrations in India, South East Asia and China. And for art, treasures can be found in most local markets where local artists go to sell their unique creations.

My personal tips for any vacationing Goddesses:

Travel light as you will most likely make some purchases wherever you go. Leave the ‘just in case’ mentality of packing at home as much as possible. 

Always bring along a full length sarong as you can use it as a skirt, a shawl, dress, head scarf or mat. I sometimes use it as my blanket on flights, too! 

Try local signature dishes and street food. Often, you’d learn so much more and better understand the local people and their cultures through their food. And when in Asia, their local fruits are a must try too. 

Bargain only if there is absolute interest in buying the good. Bargaining at street markets are common in Asia and is like a sport. Keep it light, fun and friendly.

Learn a few useful phrases in the local language like “hello”, ”how are you”, “please” and “thank you” before you get to your destination. Locals appreciate the effort and will often be extra nice when assisting you.

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